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As an independent sales representative to some of the largest filter companies in the world, LFS offers a variety of new, used, and replacement filter and filtration-related products covering a broad range of filtration applications. Whatever your product needs, LFS can supply your process filtration requirements:

  • Laboratory Filters, plate or filter press type
  • Recessed Chamber/Membrane Squeeze filter presses
  • Totally enclosed filter presses
  • Plate and Frame filter presses
  • High efficiency, ultra filtration filter presses
  • Filters for pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food & beverage
  • Wine and Distilled Beverages filtration
  • Flavors and Fragances filtration
  • Whether our customers are in the market for original equipment components or second-source replacement parts, LFS can provide its customers with various filter medias for their respective process requirements:
  • Industrial and pharmaceutical grades of filter papers
  • Non-woven filter sheets
  • Woven synthetics
  • Depth filtration sheets
  • Activated Carbon-impregnated filter media
  • Clarification and Purification filter media
  • Diatomaceous Earth or Perlite impregnated filter media
  • Horizontal Plate Filter Conversion kits
  • For new equipment and replacement part sales, LFS offers product sales from the following original equipment manufacturers:

    Sulphurnet offers a wide array of solid-liquid separation solutions for the Chemical Process Industry, ranging from mining to food and pharmaceutical manufacturing. With over 25 years of experience Sulphurnet has a unique expertise in process engineering, filtration technology and engineering design. Together with LFS, Sulphurnet offers a unique combination of capabilities and expertise from engineering and manufacturing of pressure vessels to process engineering and filtration and filtration media knowledge.
    Sulphurnet Candle Filters Sulphurnet Horizontal Plate Sulphurnet Horizontal Plate Filters
    Sulphurnet Vertical Leaf Pressure Filters Sulphurnet Filter Media Sulphurnet Leaf Filter Ply

    LEEM Filtration
    LEEM Filtration is a diversified manufacturer of custom filtration products including pressure leaf filters, filter leaves, underdrains, lateral systems and wedge wire screens. LEEM manufactures North American Hercules® filters as well as their new LEEM VLD series filters which are designed specifically for oilseed, animal fat and biodiesel applications.
    LEEM VLD Filters LEEM HLD Filters LEEM Filter Media

    Ertel Alsop
    ErtelAlsop maintains the innovative nature of its original founders. The BioClean™ sanitary plate design, the 1S PharmaScale™ Filter, the Bio-Pak® Double O-Ring Lenticular Cartridge, along with their laboratory-scale filtration technology and horizontal filter plate conversion kits are some of the latest additions to the legacy begun by Fred Ertel and Sam Alsop.
    ErtelAlsop Lab Filters ErtelAlsop Pilot Filter Press ErtelAlsop Filter Media

    MAHLE Industry Filtration offers a complete range of products, services and support for filtration and separation technologies on a global basis. The group's capabilities are backed by decades of innovative experience in providing filtration solutions to a broad range of industries from food and beverage to water, chemical, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, cosmetics, and power generation.
    Amafilters Eurofiltec Vanpipe
    Falban Filtri LFC Lochem Nowata Filtration

    Amafilter Cartridges Amafilter Filter Elements LFC Lochem Pulse Tube Filters

    Industrial Filter
    Since 1927, Industrial Filter & Pump Mfg. Company has designed and manufactured thousands of equipment stations for metal finishing, vegetable oil, chemical, food processing, and other industries worldwide.
    Industrial Vertical Leaf Filter Industrial Open Pressure Filter Industrial Sock Filter

    For second-source replacement part sales, LFS offers products from the following filtration media manufacturers:

    Filter-All Inc./Sewn-Weld Industries
    Filter-All Inc./Sewn-Weld Industries, Inc. offers a wide variety filter media & textile bags for the liquid and dry solid filtration industries.
    Filter-All Pulse Jet Filter Bags Filter-All Pressure Filter Filter-All Pleated Filter

    Cleveland Wire Cloth
    The Cleveland Wire Cloth & Manufacturing Company has specialized in weaving and fabricating industrial wire cloth since 1914. They offer a complete range of openings woven to close tolerances from any ductile metal or alloy that can be drawn into wire for wire mesh filtration media applications.

    Sefar is a leader in the manufacture of precision woven fabrics, fabrication of ready-made filter cloths and other woven filtration media technology.

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